Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review:How Im Creating $8000 Every Month On eBay(R) Using Peoples Names by John

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As you can probably tell, that is a clipping from one of my paypal accounts. Note how it's over a period of only 4 days. Understand also, that by the time you read this, I will have doubled, trebled or quadrupled those figures using the EXACT, very simple strategies that this book teaches.
The fantastic thing, and the reason that I will have quadrupled my earnings, is that you can put these ideas into place once, twice, three times, 10 times, 20 times, over and over again and it will NOT COST YOU A PENNY. The only thing it will cost you, is a bit of your time, and if you're not prepared to give a little bit of your time, i suggest you stop reading now.

For those of you who are prepared, well done. You've made a good choice, keep reading.

Put simply, eBay easily represents the greatest opportunity of the age we live in. If you don't believe it yet you will within a few minutes.

As the largest non-search engine success story on the Internet and with zero barriers to entry you'd be foolish not to explore the business opportunity that eBay presents.

It is a fact however, that the vast majority of people see finding something to sell on ebay as a challenge which is just a step too far. Those who do decide to give eBay a try, believe that you have to be listing tons of stuff to succeed, and simply accept that their ebay fees are going to be high, and cut into their profits.

Well, this book strongly contests those two beliefs, as the title suggests. Not only does every single person in possession of a brain have the capability to find an endless stream of items (literally), you can also make a great living by listing only a few items, therefore drastically reducing your eBay fees, and increasing your profits

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