Sunday, April 20, 2008

If You Don't Understand This Your Online Business Will Fail With No Bail by Dane Clark

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When starting any business the foundation is set by the way you market your products and services. Without a developed plan of action and knowledge towards marketing online you will be left in the dust of your competition before you even get out of the gate.
Before starting any business it is very important that you educate yourself before you start the building process. For example would you suit up for a pro football game without even knowing the difference between offense and defense? The same goes for online business. You must understand the basic principles of building a solid foundation before you enter the big leagues of the web. So you need the training that helped the current players reach mega success.

The basic knowledge that you will learn in the beginning may seem simple to some, but very advanced to others. No matter what your experience level is you must know that it is the time tested basic marketing strategies that carry the whole foundation of an online business. Just like the fundamentals in football are stressed in every team practice the basic fundamental internet marketing material that you will learn in the beginning are the same principles that will carry you to online marketing stardom.

Before you begin thinking about your million dollar mansion or Italian sports cars you need to figure out what your business is going to be based around, without this you have nothing. Think about your passions, what is it that you do on the weekends? What books do you read? What magazines do you subscribe to? Most importantly where do you spend money?

Please remember that this is not as easy as many sites surrounded by hype may exclaim. An online business does provide great opportunities and six figure incomes are not uncommon. You have to understand that you must work to achieve success just like the other successful marketers have.

The basic knowledge that you need that is provided through many of the paid sites, ebooks and other high ticket training courses and are all laid out for you step by step in my free video series at

About the Author
Dane Clark is a dedicated internet marketer that is devoted to helping others succeed online. Through teaching and coaching he helps others build their own online business and achieve their financial goals. To learn more about building your own online business or jumpstarting your existing one download his free video series to begin dominating your niche at

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