Monday, November 13, 2006


Hi, Another day I talked with a friend about how to make a blog from I think it would be nice to show the direction to all of you thru this my blog. Well. let 's start.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about the place that you can take the FREE CONTENTS from.





1. When you visit my side, you can see the screen like this

then click on GET YOUR OWN BLOG button on top right

2. You will visit page

If you are ready to make a blog then click on CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW


Enter you E-mail address , Password and your display name. For example Cool Biziness Man.

4. Enter Word Verification. And check on Box I accept the terns of service.


6. Enter you blog title.

7. Enter your blog name.

8. Check blog URL available.

9. If you URL is not available then rename you URL and CHECK AVAILABLE again

10. If you URL is already available then click CONTINUE

11. Choose a template

12. Select you best template and then click CONTINUE

13. Your blog is ready to use

14. Put you title and content , it going to be publish soon.

15. Enter the word Verification. And click Publish Post.

16. You got a blog. If you want to post another topics then click on CREATE.

And if you want to edit the post that you already posted then click EDIT POSTS

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